Bullmastiff: temperament and character

Although the Bullmastiff is listed as a dog in some states, it usually has a peaceful and calm personality. If he is expertly socialized, well trained and kept in a species-appropriate manner, he is a good family dog ​​with a balanced temperament.

The large, massive Bullmastiff has an intelligent, watchful character and knows how to look after the house, yard and master without becoming aggressive or loud. Anyone who doesn’t keep him as a protection dog but as a family dog ​​can benefit from his relaxed temperament but should be very familiar with dogs and their training.

The Bullmastiff: A friendly but distinct character

The courageous, independent, and somewhat stubborn Bullmastiff will probably retain a certain tendency to make independent decisions even with good, careful training. It is difficult for him to subordinate himself – whoever keeps him should therefore be experienced with dogs and be able to assess this dog well and still train it properly. Also, his character has a solid protective and watchful instinct from birth, which should not be encouraged; his owners should consider it to make him a perfect family member.

Calm temperament as a family dog

The Bullmastiff is very adaptable and is known for its loyalty. He is usually a loving protector of children and meets them calmly and patiently. He has a high threshold, thanks to which he is not easily fazed and is rock-solid when raised well. Nevertheless, he is sensitive and does not tolerate violence – but that should be a matter of course.

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