Cane Corso: Such is his nature.

The Cane Corso – the Italian Mastiff – is a large, powerful dog with a calm demeanour and a strong guard instinct. If you want to get a representative of this breed, you should be well acquainted with its peculiarities of this breed.

Anyone who gets to know a well-behaved Cane Corso will probably be surprised that the calm dog with a friendly nature is classified as a lost dog and, therefore, potentially dangerous in some German regions. With experienced dog owners, the Cane Corso develops a charming character. However, in the wrong hands, his strong guard and protective instinct can also develop negatively.

Cane Corso: A minder with a passion

The strong four-legged friend from Italy is a loyal dog who prefers not to leave its owner’s side. On the other hand, he usually shows little interest in people he doesn’t know. It can be different if the Cane Corso sees them as a threat to its owners, house or yard. He is a guard dog through and through and will defend everything he feels responsible for. His owners must make him a reliable dog with excellent education and socialization, trusting his master and always remaining level-headed.

In short, this dog needs experienced owners who know how to nurture only the dog’s best qualities from the start while discouraging undesirable behaviour.

With good training, a lovable family dog

The Cane Corso is a child-loving, patient, and loyal dog in the right hands. He loves to be cuddled and is easy to train if treated lovingly, consistently and fairly. He shows his playful nature and love of work where he can: when romping around, in dog sports, and in responsible tasks such as training as a guard dog.

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