Dog nutrition for overweight

If you have an overweight dog at home, you should pay attention to a few things regarding dog nutrition. A zero diet mustn’t be the right choice for putting a four-legged friend on a diet.

If you surprise an overweight dog with a radical diet, you would probably only achieve short-term and not at all healthy success. One option for feeding a dog that is overweight is exceptional diet food.

Overweight dogs: Diet food helps

You can get high-quality diet food, for example, from a veterinarian, pet shop or online. With reduced-calorie ingredients and a balanced proportion of all the nutrients your four-legged friend needs, diet food helps your dog lose weight healthily. It is best to consult your veterinarian as to which variety is suitable for your chubby four-legged friend, as many factors such as age, general health, and daily exercise play an essential role in choosing the right food and amount.

Reduce food and no snacks in between

You can also reduce the dog’s regular food, possibly in consultation with the veterinarian. Sixty per cent of the usual amount of food should be about a good amount if the four-legged friend gets rid of his excess weight slowly and healthily. When there are several dogs, it is sometimes difficult to track who is eating how much: It is best to feed your four-legged friends separately as long as one of the two dogs depends on exceptional dog food because of its overly plump stature.

What you should also pay attention to: It is best to avoid treats in between when feeding overweight dogs. It is better to praise and stroke your darling when he has done something nice. Many exercises support weight loss very well and should not be neglected.

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