Dogs and their yawns: why do they do it so often?

Cats do it; humans do it; dogs do it: yawns. The mouth is opened wide, the tongue stretches out, and a long-drawn-out “Uuuaaahhh” can usually be heard. But why do dogs yawn so often?

People yawn when they are tired or when there is not enough oxygen in the room. The act refreshes the body to a certain extent. This is also the case with dogs, however: Dogs also yawn for various other reasons – for example, when they want to appease or are happy.

Yawning at dogs as a calming signal

Of course, dogs also yawn when tired or in a poorly ventilated room. But much more often, they do this to appease a situation. Soothing signals in dogs are essential in their communication with other dogs, people, or themselves. Dogs use gentle movements to relieve stress and thus calm themselves down. Yawning is an intelligent way to process excitement, anger, and anxiety.

By the way: You can use yawning in stressful situations as a calming signal to calm your dog down. When your four-legged friend sees you yawning, he understands the body language as a calming signal and may relax.

More reasons why dogs yawn

As discussed above, yawning also serves as a form of refreshment for the body. Dogs also yawn when their energy reserves are exhausted, for example, after prolonged exertion. Oxygen flows quickly into the body, and the fur nose becomes more alert. Also possible: yawning as a skip action. Dogs also yawn when they are overwhelmed, for example, when they have to decide and don’t know which one. People also yawn out of embarrassment, for instance, when Wuff barked at a dummy. Indeed you have often seen your animal partner yawning with joy, for example, when he knows that you are taking him for a walk and waiting for it.

In the following video from “Pet Lovers,” you can see dogs in different situations while yawning – a very pretty sight:

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