Great love: This is how dogs help when looking for a partner

It is often said that singles with dogs have it easier when looking for a partner. Dogs are said to be excellent “icebreakers” and help connect with other people. With the following tips, the four-legged friends can help you find the love of your life and keep it.

Can dogs help in finding a partner? Yes and no. The four-legged friends offer topics of conversation right away – but only with people who like pets as much as you do. This can limit the selection. On the other hand, the probability that your great love is among the remaining dog friends is more significant.

Dating: Dogs as “icebreakers” when flirting

When it comes to flirting, dogs are considered “icebreakers” because they usually approach people with an open mind and make it easier to establish contact. In clubs, parties, or without a pet in everyday life, most people find it challenging to find a harmless, friendly start to a conversation when they want to get to know someone better. Anyone who is out and about with a dog, on the other hand, immediately offers an excellent first topic of conversation. So if you meet someone who you like and who also walks a dog on the side, you can complement the dog owner on their four-legged friend to start the conversation. For example, “He’s cute, can you pet him?” or “He’s pretty, what kind of breed is that?” You have already taken the first step towards an entertaining conversation.

However, a prerequisite for dogs being of help when looking for a partner and when flirting is their upbringing. Because four-legged friends who misbehave and show bad manners do not make a good impression on potential partners. Even big dog lovers are likely to be put off by a muddy-pawed dog jumping up on them or barking loudly. On the other hand, a well-behaved fur nose, who listens to you, only sniffs at strangers curiously but otherwise keeps a little distance and lets you appear in a positive light. Finally, this shows that you can communicate consistently and clearly while being empathetic.

Where can you find other dog friends? tips

However, you may always meet the same people on your usual walks. This can result in friendly contacts, maybe even friendships, but is there also great love? If not, you can try new routes from time to time, for example; This is also exciting for dogs, who are happy to discover new smells and surroundings. You can also take your four-legged friend to the dog park, dog sports, or the dog school and get to know other dog owners there. You can talk about your respective dogs and see if the chemistry is right.

There are also ways to meet like-minded people online. In social media and forums, you can exchange ideas with other dog lovers and, if you like them, extend your contact to the real world. Suppose you want to look specifically for dog owners as a partner. In that case, you can register with particular flirt and partner exchanges on the net, which are explicitly intended for the masters and mistresses of furry friends.

Found great love? What you can learn from dogs

Have you found love? Congratulations! Dogs are not only a great help in finding a partner, but we can also learn a lot from them to improve our relationships with other people. For example, dogs are masters of mindfulness. They know how to live in the moment, appreciate the little things in life, and accept others as they are without wanting to change them. Once dogs have taken their favorite people into their hearts, they are loyal, loyal, honest, and not resentful.

At the same time, they show clearly when a limit has been crossed and have healthy selfishness. Dogs know their own needs and make sure they are met. In this way, the four-legged friends teach us to also listen to our gut feeling and communicate consistently and clearly. Although this can occasionally lead to friction and conflicts in the partnership, it can also help to clarify these and hopefully find compromises and solutions.

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