I am training a Chihuahua: Which dog sport is suitable?

As tiny and cute as a Chihuahua is. The clever little dogs need enough activity to keep them from getting bored and mischief. Dog sport is just the right thing to train with Chihuahuas. But what do you have to pay attention to?

The dog sport must be constantly adapted to the physical abilities of the Chihuahua. Then you can train almost anything with your Chihuahua that both of them enjoy. The mini dogs are very witty and intelligent, so they like to learn something new.

Can a Chihuahua Dog Agility Training?

Sports that require mobility and agility are particularly well suited to the delicate dog breed. A Chihuahua may not have as much stamina and naturally cannot jump as high as a giant dog, but it is still very agile and willing to move. Agility training specifically designed for small dog breeds is therefore optimal for Chihuahuas. “Agility” in English means something like “mobility” or “speed.”

The hurdles must not be too high, and your Chihuahua may need a slight pause in between – otherwise, there is nothing wrong with training agility with him. You can also supplement the training with intelligence games and tricks. The intelligent little guys in the video show what Chihuahuas can learn:

Training obedience with Chihuahuas

A Chihuahua tends to be a little headstrong and makeup nonsense if not consistently raised. Obedience training can help because your dog learns to listen to you playfully. Above all, the grip of your Chihuahua is trained so that this dog sport does not need any special physical requirements. Obedience can be taught anywhere, as this video shows:

Which dog sport do Chihuahuas still enjoy?

In addition to agility and obedience, you can train your Chihuahua in any dog ​​sport that focuses on agility and intelligence rather than endurance and strength. Canicross, dog trekking, or cycling with the dog is usually not possible with a Chihuahua. However, you can do nose work and track work with him, teach him tricks like cleaning up or fetching and try dog ​​dancing with him. Dog and owner show in this video how much fun dancing with a Chihuahua can be:

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