These 4 Dog Breeds Like People Better Than Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend – anyone who has a four-legged friend at home can confirm this. Some dog breeds are more human-centric than others. Here you will find 4 fur noses that masters and mistresses may even like better than other dogs.

How do we know that dogs love us? They seek our closeness, are faithful, loyal, and care for and protect us. A dog is no less valuable as a friend than a human companion. The following dog breeds are considered to be particularly people-related – with the proper dog training always also playing an important role.

  1. Collie: Loyalty and kindness

In the eyes of many, the collie is the friendliest dog of all. Collies are one of the dog breeds that love people more than anything and are loyal to their master or mistress. They care about their human friends and never let them down. Collies are absolute family dogs and infinitely lovable.

  1. German Shepherd: Brilliant and popular

A German Shepherd is one of the most respected dog breeds globally. They are usually loyal to humans and love to interact with their caregivers. It is not for nothing that German shepherds are used as working dogs almost worldwide. Whether in the military or the police – the brilliant and loyal dogs are an asset to every animal lover.

  1. Bulldog: Frugal and loyal

Bulldogs are not considered the prettiest of dogs. However, such superficial considerations vanish into thin air once you get to grips with a bulldog and see the inner beauty of these lovable animals. A Bulldog is very close to its people and loves two-legged friends more than anything. They are very frugal and patient, even with children who behave more boisterously when playing or cuddling.

  1. Maltese: cuddly and affectionate

Maltese are small, cute and infatuated with their people. While other dog breeds immediately run away on a trip to the park and join other dogs to play, Maltese usually stay side by side with their master or mistress. Most specimens of fur balls are always looking for closeness and want to cuddle and cuddle whenever possible.

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