Training Labrador Puppies: Games and Education

With a Labrador puppy, you bring a little whirlwind into not only your home but also a curious companion who is willing to learn. He’s just beginning his socialization phase, so this is the perfect time for you to start parenting. Of course, games are also allowed during training.

A little insecure and clumsy, the Labrador puppies tumble around at the dog breeder’s at first – and thus immediately wrap their potential new owners around their fingers. If one of the puppies comes to your home at two to three months, you should start training it immediately. And you’ll see: your new, fluffy family member can’t get enough of training with it.

Training Labrador puppies: Every beginning is difficult

But no matter how interested Labrador puppies may be at first, be kind to them and don’t ask too much. The everyday life of the four-legged friend should not only consist of education. He should also have time to process all the new impressions that dog life offers him. Unfamiliar surroundings, unfamiliar smells, and, of course, a new pack with you and your family – the little one has first to know all of this. This makes it more critical to give your Labrador puppy enough time to relax.

Incorporate small games into everyday life

Small games in between loosen up the upbringing a little. After all, the little four-legged friend cannot train commands such as “sit,” “down,” and “off” all day or get used to walking on a leash. He needs a change from time to time – and even then, he still learns something. How about a game of hiding and seek? If your dog is distracted for a moment, hide quickly. With this exercise, you train the dog to be careful around you and not lose sight of you so fast. Start in your own four walls. If your fur nose feels safe, try it in unfamiliar terrain.

Proper parenting takes time.

But don’t forget: Even intelligent and curious dogs like Labrador puppies take a lot of time and don’t learn everything right away. Your four-legged friend will take around a year to master all the essential basic commands. And even later, he keeps learning new things. And what about puppy school? This is mandatory – even for dog owners who are no longer beginners.

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