Adult dog moves in a particular situation

When an adult dog moves in with you, good preparation is essential. Read here what you should pay more attention to and how you can prepare well for the arrival of your new family member.

Even with an adult dog, one thing is essential: Everything must be ready for him before your new pet moves in. So the dog basket, leash, food bowls, and dog food are already bought and in place.

Adult dog moves in Good preparation for a smooth process.

If everything is prepared at home, you should organize the transport of your new family member well. Even though he’s no longer a puppy, he needs a stress-free and safe journey to his new home. The dog should then expect a quiet environment there – you should not invite visitors for the first few days. First, allow the four-legged friend to get to know each family member and explore everything at his own pace. It would also be great if you could take a few days off to give your dog a calm, comfortable start to his new life.

New home, new rules

Something else must be clearly defined before the dog moves in: the rules of conduct. Be clear with your family about what your pet can and cannot do, and be prepared that each family member should teach them this consistently from the start.

Another thing to keep in mind with an adult dog is that you haven’t trained them and know little—sometimes nothing—of what their experiences have been. Maybe he’s scared of certain things and reacting to them differently than you expect. Adjust to your new pet slowly and patiently, and expect it to take time to get to know and appreciate each situation.

Play it safe in the beginning

While you get to know your dog, you should not only approach everything calmly but also take more safety precautions, no matter how sweet it may be. Walk your four-legged friend on a leash, don’t leave him unsupervised in the unsecured garden and ask strangers and other dog owners to approach your dog carefully before knowing exactly how he reacts to people and animals.

Slowly build up trust with your new pet by lovingly and consistently working with him on dog training and conveying to him that he is a popular and welcome guest in your house.

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