Before dogs bite: recognize the warning signs.

For people, it often seems out of the blue when dogs bite. At least those who do not recognize and interpret the warning signs in time can accidentally provoke a dog bite. The following tips will help you prevent accidents involving dogs.

A dog bite is usually the result of a misunderstanding. Either man didn’t recognize the warning signs before dogs bite. Or the dog misinterpreted the human behavior as a threat or escape. To avoid serious injuries or a breach of trust between humans and animals, it is important to understand dog language correctly.

In what situations do dogs bite

Dogs never bite without reason. Most dogs bite because they feel threatened or something they care about. However, it is also possible that their hunting instincts have been inadvertently aroused, and dogs will bite because they mistake a human or other animal for prey. Differences in dog personality and dog training can make some four-legged friends more aggressive and irritable than others. Some dogs tend to defend their resources, i.e., food, water, and toys. They bite quickly when they fear that someone wants to take something away from them or dispute it. Other dogs are very territorial and will defend their territory with a dog bite if necessary. If your dog has a strong “protective instinct,” it may bite when it sees you and other “family members” threatened. It would help if you were very careful with dog mothers. They will do anything to protect their puppies from danger and sometimes see it as a threat if someone approaches their little ones.

Fear is often the reason when dogs bite. This occurs mainly in dogs that have not been socialized early enough or too little. This means that the dogs were not exposed to enough external stimuli as puppies and, for example, did not get to know strange animals, strange people, or certain everyday noises. However, anything unknown is initially frightening for animals, causing them to think they need to defend themselves when there is no threat. If an otherwise docile and well-socialized dog suddenly bites while being petted, it’s probably in pain. In this case, as a precaution, go to the vet immediately.

Dog bite warning sign

Before dogs bite, they go through several so-called escalation stages. Overall, the warning signs of a dog about to be bitten are almost always retreat and defense. The ears are laid back, the eyes wide open so that the whites are visible. The dog bares its teeth and freezes. He may show calming signals such as turning his head away or licking his lips. However, offensive warning signs can also be added, such as staring with the eyes of threatening growls and growls.

Protect children from dog bites

Children, in particular, are often accidental victims of dog bites. This is because children love petting and hugging dogs as it shows affection around people. Dogs, however, find this type of approach frightening and misinterpret it as an attack. This video shows a dog’s point of view as he encounters a toddler who is dying to cuddle with him:

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