Leash the dog in front of the supermarket? Better not

“Unfortunately, we have to stay outside” – a note that we often read in front of shops, pubs, restaurants, and in front of the supermarket. But does the sign have any legal value at all? And what do we do as dog owners if we spontaneously remember while we are walking that we still have to do some shopping? Leashing the dog in front of the supermarket is not always the best idea.

Leashing your dog in front of the supermarket is usually not good. Although some four-legged friends survive waiting for their master or mistress very bravely and without much effort – the situation can also be very unpleasant or even dangerous.

“Unfortunately, we have to stay outside” – house rules apply!

It is basically up to the shop owner whether they allow animals, especially dogs, to be taken along. The owner has the domiciliary rights and can decide whether Wuff is allowed in or not. Aside from house rules, there are legal regulations that do not allow dogs and other animals in certain shops: According to the European law on food hygiene, pets are not allowed to stay in rooms where food is prepared, treated, or stored – not even in a supermarket. This rule takes precedence over domiciliary rights; a sign à la “We have to stay outside” is unnecessary (although recommended for shopkeepers).

Leashing the dog in front of the supermarket – is not a good idea.

So what do you do if you have to go to the supermarket on the way home, but the dog is not allowed in? Many dog ​​owners then leash their dogs for shopping in front of the supermarket – again and again, dogs stand in front of the doors of supermarkets and shops, longingly waiting for their master or mistress, and in most cases, do not feel well. It is up to each dog owner whether he lets his dog stay like this – the method is not recommended as a rule. There are several reasons against leashing in front of the supermarket:

Dogs experience stress when they are tied to a place that is strange and uncomfortable to them without freedom of movement, in the worst case, still on a dog leash that is too short. Lots of people are walking around in front of a supermarket, loud shopping trolleys often rattle back and forth in front of the dog’s nose, and the sliding door of the market is constantly opening and closing. Your dog cannot avoid unpleasant situations on a leash and has to endure them for minutes. Some dogs can sometimes react aggressively or panic in such cases. In addition, the four-legged friends are often exposed to the weather without protection while waiting – hot sun in summer can lead to heatstroke; Wind, cold, and rain in winter lead to a cold or hypothermia.

Beware of dog theft in front of the supermarket.

In addition to these stress and health factors, dog theft is another reason not to leash dogs in front of the supermarket. While you do your shopping inside, the dog is on his outside. The illegal dog trade is a significant threat to abandoned dogs. Cold noses are kidnapped in front of supermarkets again and again. Other passers-by don’t know that the thief is a thief and think it’s the master walking his dog. If you have done your shopping, there will be no trace of your dog in the worst case.

While it is not illegal to leash your dog outside the supermarket, dog owners must properly supervise their dog. You should always make sure that you look after your dog outside of the private environment. It is, therefore, best not to leave him alone in an environment such as that in front of a supermarket.

Shopping with a dog: best with three

Dog shopping works best when you go to the supermarket with two people. While you or your companion are shopping, the other person waits in front of the supermarket with a woof and gives it security. Another possibility is leaving your dog at home when you go shopping. Dogs don’t like to wait anyway and get more out of it if a long walk without stopping in front of a supermarket is wholly adapted to the dog’s needs.

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