Buying a Beagle: This is important when purchasing.

The Beagle is a small, sturdy, compact dog initially bred to hunt in packs. Before buying a Beagle, you should be aware that the sweet, floppy-eared dog does not like being alone and is used to company. Here you can find out what else you can pay attention to before and during the purchase.

Beagles are generally very affectionate and cheerful dogs that make wonderful family pets. However, they need a lot of activity and consistent training to feel good. There’s nothing wrong with buying a Beagle if you can find the time.

Is the Beagle Right for You?

The character of the Beagle is considered friendly but quite stubborn. The dogs are brilliant and trainable but not necessarily willing to learn at all times, as they tend to be a bit stubborn. Nonetheless, Beagle breed standards include not showing any signs of aggression or aggressiveness and not being fearful. Bred as a hunting dog, he is very active and lively. It was formerly used to hunt in packs, and its main task was to follow tracks with its nose. Although he is now not only suitable as a hunting dog but is also a wonderful family dog, he still loves to use his excellent sense of smell to follow tracks. He’s also used to having company.

A Beagle suits you if you are willing to make fun of him regularly and not leave him alone for too long – that is, if you can spend a lot of time with him. Not only is he comfortable with other Beagles, but he usually gets along with other dog breeds and people. You can also introduce him to non-dogs, such as cats. You can playfully train his intelligence with nose work, but he also has fun with agility or obedience training. Dog dancing and other dog sports also inspire the little dog. A little dog experience is an advantage when training a Beagle, as he quickly asserts his stubbornness without loving but consistent guidance.

Buying a Beagle: only responsibly bred.

Once you have decided to buy a Beagle, take your time to find a good dog breeder. Visit several Beagle breeders and pester them with questions. So you can also check again whether the Beagle suits you. Pay attention to the condition of the puppies and their home: do they appear healthy, playful, curious and cared for? Is their environment clean and dog friendly? In addition, a reputable breeder will not sell his puppies without a purchase contract and is interested in finding out where he will place his “protégés”. So don’t be surprised if you get asked questions.

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