Russkiy Toy – a small dog from Russia

The Russkiy Toy is a small, petite dog with a lively character. Usually kept as a family and companion dog, he loves to spend quality time with his owners.

As the name suggests, the Russkiy Toy comes from Russia. His ancestors are the English Toy Terriers – these small dogs were once known and loved in Russia as luxury dogs. From the 1950s, a separate breed was bred from English Toy Terriers and dogs without a pedigree, the Russkiy Toy. In 2006, the dog breed was then recognized by the FCI.

The Russkiy Toy and its character

If you are looking for a dog that is always in a good mood, active and playful, the Russkiy Toy is undoubtedly a good choice. The petite dog is full of energy, agile, agile and attentive. His loving, loyal character also distinguishes him. Although the dog is relatively small at just under 30 centimetres, it is usually not fearful. Aggressive behaviour is far from him, and he gets along well with conspecifics.

In addition, the four-legged friend from Russia is docile, affectionate and fond of children. He needs to please his people, so his dog training should also be very successful with the appropriate empathy.

A bright and playful dog

It will be easy for anyone who wants to educate Russkiy Toy or teach him tricks. The intelligent four-legged friend learns at lightning speed and enjoys working in a team with his owners – mainly when he is motivated with lots of praise. With his eager character and willingness to learn, he is also a talented little dog athlete: agility, dog dancing, and obedience training are just the things for him.

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