Dog food without animal testing: you should pay attention to this

We should not only pay attention to sustainable production and origin of food when it comes to our diet – dog food without animal testing should be a priority for every animal lover. Some brands rely on purely organic ingredients. Use these tips and tricks to spot them.

Your pet’s nutrition is an important aspect – also in terms of health. Dog food without animal testing and with meat from controlled organic animal farming, for example, is essential on the one hand for ethical reasons. If you have a pet yourself, you don’t want other animals to suffer for their food and have to endure questionable experiments in the laboratory under adverse conditions. On the other hand, purely organic feed is, of course, healthier because it contains no or very few artificial preservatives and attractants as well as other ingredients that are harmful to health.

Tips for sustainable and healthy dog ​​food

As with all foods, dog nutrition has labels to help you identify the animal and eco-friendly brands. For example, feed manufacturers’ requirements for the “Bioland” seal are stricter than those for the European Union’s organic seal. It is about whether the meat contained comes from the region so that the animals did not have to travel long distances to the slaughterhouse and that the dog food was produced without animal testing.

Cruelty-Free Dog Food: Brand Tips

While many conventional animal feed manufacturers still rely on animal testing and sometimes harmful ingredients, there are also enough producers who produce the feed organically. These include, for example, Almo Nature, Auenland, Bio Tierkost, FUTTERRIESE, Five Star Dogs, LUPOSAN, Magnusson Petfood, PERRO, Pfotenliebe Tiernahrung, WASEBA and other brands. You can find a detailed list of feed manufacturers at the animal rights organization PETA.

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