Employ and utilize husky: Which dog sport?

Huskies are exceptional dogs that need a lot of activity and physical and mental exercise. In the following tips, you can read how to keep a husky busy and use it with the right dog sport in a way that is appropriate to the species.

Bred as working and sled dogs, huskies have tremendous physical and mental abilities that need to be challenged and nurtured. Therefore, a Husky is not for every dog ​​owner – an active and sporty lifestyle is a must for anyone looking to buy and own a Husky. With the help of dog sports, you can bring great joy to your enterprising four-legged friend.

Draft dog sport: ideal dog sport for huskies

The most species-appropriate way to keep your husky busy is to let him go. The dog breed was initially bred as a sled dog, among other things, and usually loves to be pulled in front of a sled or other vehicle. Draft dog sport can have many faces, which differ mainly in the car to be removed. Possibilities include:

• Sled dog racing: This sport is very demanding and should only be practised under professional guidance and not without proper training. It would help if you had several dogs since one alone cannot muster the strength. Four dogs are the minimum for a race. Also, keep in mind that such a sled is very expensive.
• Canicross: This dog sport is a cross-country run in which the dog owner is connected to his fur nose by a flexible leash. The canicross equipment consists of a hip belt that the person wears and to which the leash is attached. The dog always runs ahead. Huskies love to run together with their hearts and people.
• Bikejoring / Scootering: In bikejoring, humans and dogs are connected via a bicycle. The dog rushes ahead; the human can be pulled behind on his bike and pedalled to support him. A flexible spacer is essential here, ensuring that the line is not run over. Scootering is a variant of the draft dog sport in which the human rides a scooter instead of a bicycle or sled.

Employ Husky: Other options

In principle, huskies like everything that challenges them. Endurance sports, in particular, are very popular with the powerful dog breed. It is best to ensure an even and regular load. Ideally, you should walk several kilometres every day with your animal sports partner, jogging, skating, cycling or skiing and not just once a week for many kilometres – continuous sporting activity is best for huskies and other dogs breeds and ensures lasting balance.

Other activities you can offer your husky include: fetch, dog dancing, basic obedience, nose work, agility, dog trekking, and swimming. Also include playing with intelligence toys in everyday life with your husky, as they also want to be mentally challenged.

The rule is no claim, no development. Your Husky always wants to improve. However, it is also essential that you do not overwhelm him and adapt the activity’s type and duration to his physical condition. In addition to the suitable occupation and farming, ensure that you have species-appropriate and high-quality food so that your husky can do well for a long time and stay healthy and happy. You can read what else is important when keeping a rough in the guide: “Husky: This is important when it comes to keeping”.

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