French bulldog: diet tips

If you want to get a French bulldog, you should not only know how to train and care for this dog. Diet also plays a vital role in an animal’s life. Below are some tips to keep in mind when feeding this little four-legged friend.

A French bulldog doesn’t need a lot of exercises. Therefore, it is essential that when feeding this dog breed, you are careful to find the right amount of dog food for this four-legged friend and not overfeed them.

French bulldog: adjust the portion of dog food

You have to be careful when feeding a French bulldog because the playful rascal tends to put on love handles quickly. As a rule, 150 grams of meat, 75 grams of rice or dry food and 75 grams of vegetables a day are sufficient for the small dog. Make sure your darling is getting enough minerals and vitamins. However, the amount of food also depends on factors such as age and health. If you are unsure about how much dog food to give your four-legged friend, you can consult your veterinarian to determine the correct portion size of food for your dog.

Diet for overweight dogs

A dog of this breed weighs typically about eight to fourteen kilograms. If your four-legged friend already weighs more, the dog should be dieted. To do this, reduce the amount of meat and give the bulldog more vegetables. In this case, too, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian so that your animal’s health is not endangered.

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