Male or female? Dog selection tips

Male or female? When buying a dog, gender-specific differences in dog behaviour can also be an essential decision-making criterion. These can influence future cohabitation and should therefore be carefully considered.

Every dog ​​is different, and how it behaves is not only dependent on whether it is a male or a female dog. Character, dog breed, housing conditions, upbringing, and socialization also influence the four-legged friend’s behaviour. The possible differences between bitches and dogs should be known but not the sole criterion for choosing a pet. What are the differences?

Male dogs: Possible differences to the bitch

Due to his keen interest in female dogs, an unneutered male can be a little more strenuous for his owner than a female – especially if he knows there are females in heat nearby. The tendency to mark is also possible in uncastrated males. It could be – but not necessarily – that a male, intact dog is a bit rowdier than a female, for example, when he encounters other male dogs. Young males can also be more inclined to test their owners and question their ranking. It is also possible that the protective and guard instinct is more pronounced in male dogs than in female dogs.

Special when keeping bitches

Bitches come into heat twice a year, and during this time, it is sometimes a bit of a challenge for their owners. They must expect bitchy behaviour towards males and other females immediately before the heat. While she is then in heat, the lady dog ​​will probably hardly be able to save herself from male admirers on walks and usually has to be kept on a leash – also because there is a great danger that she will take any chance to run away during this time. Depending on the cleanliness of the lady dog, her owners must also expect blood stains on carpets, sofas or in the dog basket.

False pregnancies also occur in bitches and can lead to temporary changes in behaviour. It is also possible that a female dog reacts bitchy to strange puppies – but good socialization and a watchful and responsible eye when meeting young animals is crucial for both sexes.

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