Grain-free dog food: tips for buying

Carbohydrates are often used in pet foods as a cheap bulking agent. Grain-free dog food is a healthier alternative here. When buying, you should consider a few tips.

If your dog has a food allergy or you want to ensure a healthy diet in general, grain-free dog food can be a good idea. Because even if your four-legged friend is not particularly sensitive when it comes to dog nutrition, you should follow a few tips. Too many carbohydrates – mainly in the form of grains – are not healthy for him. When buying, you should choose dog food with a low level of these ingredients.

Tips for healthy dog ​​food

BARF is one way of excluding excessive grain content in dog food. The dog gets only very fresh, unprocessed food – in other words: fresh meat, fish, some fresh fruit and vegetables.

Grain-free dog food: Purchase

However, if you prefer to buy pet food in a store or order it online, keep a few things in mind. Grain-free dog food is usually more digestible than one with a high grain content – but other factors should also play a role when buying it. Dog food often contains preservatives to make it last longer. Make sure that the feed includes little or, at best, none of these substances. You should also avoid food with flavour enhancers such as glutamate.

The following applies to the purchase of dog food: the more natural the food for your four-legged friend, the better. Grain-free dog food and one without artificial additives reduce the risk of allergies and obesity. In any case, tolerance is improved if the feed contains less suitable fillers such as grain.

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