Pitbull Terrier: character and features

The Pitbull Terrier is a highly lovable dog that does well in families and has many positive qualities. Read more about his character and the characteristics of this exceptional dog breed here.

The Pitbull Terrier breed has a complex and sometimes cruel past. The ancestors of today’s dogs were once bred for dogfighting. It is all the better that today’s Pitbull Terriers have emerged from this evil with much stronger characters.

Characteristics of the Pitbull Terrier: Sturdy and strong

Pitbull Terriers are considered medium-sized dogs that can reach 46 to 56 centimetres back height. A male can weigh up to 27 kilograms; Bitches are lighter. Both have an athletic build with strong legs and a muscular back. In general, dogs are considered to be highly robust. Thus, her physique fits her character, and she is deemed self-confident and sincere.

The unique head shape of this dog breed is characteristic. The animals have relatively large, flat heads, sometimes slightly rounded. The pit bull terrier has a typical wedge shape on the muzzle. The dog’s coat is short, smooth and shiny. In terms of colour, the variety ranges from white, beige and yellowish to reddish tones to brown, black-brown and black.

Strong character, lovable being

Pitbull Terriers are very confident and friendly dogs with lots of energy and are very playful. Therefore, you must always give the dog enough opportunities to burn off its power. If he gets enough exercise, activity, and good dog training, a Pitbull Terrier will thank you with a lot of love. The four-legged friends like children very much, so they are very suitable as family dogs.

Pitbull Terriers have a very loyal character and are fixated on their master or mistress. They often react more negatively to conspecifics than to strangers. They are intelligent and convinced with their strong nerves and willingness to learn as working dogs in many places – for example, in the search and rescue area.

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