What do dogs like? Seven things that make you popular

What do dogs like? This is a question that every dog ​​owner should ask themselves because The well-being of our beloved furry friends is important to us. With the following seven things, you will do your dog something good and “inevitably” make yourself popular with your four-legged friend.

Of course, dogs love it when they are kept in a species-appropriate manner, fed healthily, and adequately occupied – that should be a matter of course. But let’s go into a little more detail: In the following, you will find points with which you can make yourself particularly popular with your four-legged friend and strengthen the human-dog friendship in the long term. So what do dogs like?

  1. Dogs like recognition

Dogs love recognition and rewards when they do something well. If your four-legged friend reacts well to an exercise and, for example, comes to you quickly when you call back, you should always praise him and reward him with pats, nice words, and now and then a dog treat. Recognition is essential in dog training and the everyday relationship between humans and dogs.

  1. Dogs appreciate rules

What do dogs like? Rules? Yes! Dogs need firm rules to feel comfortable. They enjoy following rules and being rewarded for doing so. It is also essential to show your dog when he has not done something right. Regulations establish the hierarchy in your home – and dogs need a firm place in that hierarchy (with you as the “leader of the pack”). Necessary: You must be consistent with all rules and parenting methods. Dogs don’t like whims and fickleness at all and vague rules as it confuses them and can weaken the relationship with you as an “alpha dog.” Be that strong “alpha dog.”

  1. Properly pet your dog

Stroking is extremely important for your four-legged friend. Always pay attention to your dog’s body language to learn which touches he likes and doesn’t. When petting, it is best to always go at eye level or on your knees, and if possible, do not touch your four-legged friend in the face. Tip: Most dogs like to be scratched at the base of their tail.

  1. Challenge your dog

Every dog ​​wants to be challenged, both mentally and physically. Joint activities in which your dog can prove itself are essential for your four-legged friend, as they strengthen their self-confidence and are simply fun. Possibilities of looking for appropriate challenges for the species and breed are, for example, dog sports, hidden object games, nose work, or even learning tricks and commands.

  1. Get your dog involved

Dogs are pack animals and, as mentioned above, need a permanent place in the pack. They love doing things with the whole family and being in company. It doesn’t matter whether it’s excursions, evenings together at home, or an entire holiday with the dog – always consider and treat your four-legged friend like a full member of the family. The dog will thank you.

  1. Let your dog be a dog

What do dogs like best? Right, respect! Respect your dog for what it is: a dog. Humanization has lost nothing in responsible dog ownership. For example, you shouldn’t carry or pamper your dog for no reason. A dog loves to be himself and should always be able to thrive as a dog. Therefore, give your woof the necessary freedom to behave like a dog, but without letting rules and training measures slip.

  1. Talk to your dog

Even if your dog doesn’t understand you, he will love it when you talk to him. Your words show him that you care about him and give him a sense of belonging. Communication always also means that the other person is essential.

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