Raising Havanese: Also suitable for beginners.

If you want to train a Havanese, you don’t need much previous knowledge of dog ownership. You have to be careful not to let his cute appearance wrap you around your paw too much; Otherwise, the small dog is very eager to learn due to its intelligence and openness, likes to work with others, and is also suitable for beginners.

Havanese are intelligent and have a friendly disposition; they are also very athletic. When educating, you must give the little bundles of energy an excellent mental and physical workout so that they don’t get bored and then loudly vie for attention. If you consider this, you will hardly have any difficulties even as a beginner, but you will have a lot of fun teaching the cute dog something.

Raising Havanese: Using people-relatedness and promoting intelligence.

The Havanese was bred as a companion dog, which means that it is part of its breed-typical character and prefers to be with its favorite people. Whether family, couple or single, young or old, beginner or dog professional – the small dog adapts wonderfully to his two-legged friends. This is of great advantage for training because the Havanese likes to learn new things, is attentive and curious, so he takes on your tasks and commands with great joy and enjoys working together.

Conversely, this also means that you have to offer your dog learning material so that it doesn’t get boring. In addition to the basic commands, you can also teach your little four-legged friend tricks, play intelligence games with him or go to dog sports.

Raising Havanese: Rules are still important.

While it’s easy to train a Havanese, that doesn’t mean he’ll know what’s appropriate and what’s not. Beginners, in particular, could be tempted to let the cute whirlwind get away with too much or not take the consequences too seriously. It is essential to resist the dog look and stick to the rules once they have been set (in families or households with several people, of course, everyone involved must pull together).

However, you do not have to be too strict; it is sufficient to communicate clearly and unambiguously with your four-legged friend and do not water down rules with exceptions so that they are no longer recognizable as such for your dog. Also, make sure you have a good balance between being active and resting; otherwise, over time, your Havanese may have trouble being alone and engaging in activities without human companionship.

Dog Sports for Havanese: Great for both beginners and pros

The Havanese’s willingness to learn and his enthusiasm for new tasks make him suitable for dog sports, from beginners to professionals and competitions. Just see what you and your dog enjoy. With obedience training, you can improve communication between you and your four-legged friend and deepen your relationship with one another. Dog dancing is also great for human-canine friendship but is more action-packed than obedience. See how eagerly the little Havanese lady Dafne dances with her owner in this video:

In general, Havanese are considered to be quite musical; the little fellow in the following video, for example, demonstrates his singing skills:

Havanese particularly enjoy agility training, as it involves skill, speed, and smarts, and they can do it with their favorite people. Havanese Cosmo, for example, is already a real pro:

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