Make the summer more bearable for your dog: 8 tips.

High temperatures, lots of sunshine, and thick dog fur – a dog sometimes doesn’t have it easy in summer. For many four-legged friends, the hot days are real torture. It is more important that we make life a little easier for our animal partners in summer. The following eight tips can help.

Dogs cannot regulate their body temperature as quickly as humans. They cannot shed their fur-like clothing. When it’s boiling, dogs pant to cool their bodies down. The four-legged friends also give off a little heat through their skin. However, it would help if you did not leave your fur nose alone to fight against the summer heat.

  1. Avoid the midday heat

It is best not to expose your dog to the midday heat. When the sun is at its highest and acts relentlessly on the dog’s fur, in the worst case, it can lead to sunstroke or heat stroke in the dog. Long walks or exercises are better done in the more relaxed morning or evening hours.

  1. Adapt activity to temperatures

The summer heat is a significant burden for the organism, both humans and dogs. Adjust your dog’s physical activity to the circumstances. Your dog should avoid strenuous activities such as running next to the bike when the temperature is high. Less is often more in summer—shiftless brutal games to the shadows.

  1. Avoid long car journeys

Animals heat up faster in the car than people and should never be locked in the car – not even an open window helps. Long journeys should also be avoided in summer, as these dogs are very annoying. Speaking of driving with a dog: dogs can quickly get conjunctivitis from the airstream if the windows are open. The same danger also looms in connection with a switched-on air conditioning system in the car and the apartment.

  1. Proper nutrition

Animals use less energy at high temperatures because the body does not have to be warmed up from the inside and is usually less active. Therefore, adapt your dog’s diet to your animal partner’s “summer laziness.” Smaller, easily digestible portions are preferable to large, heavy meals on hot days.

  1. Offer enough water

Of course, you have to offer your dog a lot of water in summer. As with humans, drinking is essential for animals, especially on hot days. Tip: Make sure you change the water in the bowl every few hours so that no germs can form due to the high ambient temperatures.

  1. Helpers against the heat

You can also arm your dog against the heat with little helpers. Cooling blankets, cooling mats, and cool wraps protect your dog from overheating in summer. Also practical: a cooling collar. Ask your specialist retailer about suitable gadgets for the warm season.

  1. Dog pool in summer

A dog pool is a highlight for every dog ​​in summer. If you have the opportunity, set up a pool or a paddling pool for dogs and offer your four-legged friend the chance to cool off in the cool water. This four-legged friend shows in the video how much fun a little splashing can be in summer:

  1. Grooming dog fur

Care for your dog’s fur particularly intensively in summer. Regular combing and brushing will help your dog shed unnecessary coats. You can find more on the subject in the guide to shearing dog fur: hairstyles for the summer.

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