Happy dog: 4 things enrich everyday dog ​​life

A dog doesn’t need much to be happy? That’s not true – it’s better: A happy dog ​​can never be satisfied enough! As a dog owner, you should do everything you can to ensure that your animal partner feels completely comfortable. The following four things enrich every dog’s everyday life and should not be missing from it.

We have a hectic everyday life with appointments, commitments, and the like – but the beloved four-legged friend must not fall victim to this. Sure, occasionally, there is no other way, and for once, the walk is not enjoyed extensively but only quickly inserted. However, in principle, you should give your dog the time it deserves. Playing, walking, and giving attention is incredibly important to the happy canine soul. Other valuable additions so that your dog can be satisfied:

  1. Fun and games

Dogs are playful and must be able to live this out, preferably not only when playing with you but also when playing with other dogs, for example, in the dog park. Dogs have a very complex play behavior and are happy when allowed to show this as often as possible. Play with your dog every day and show him that he is essential to you. Whether with dog toys, hunting games, or food games, activity strengthens Wuff’s feeling of happiness and the human-dog friendship. Tip: Also, think about dog sports and dog training! Your dog will love dummy training, dog dancing, agility training, etc.

  1. Variety in feed

Today’s domesticated dogs have it easy: the dog’s bowl is filled daily and then eaten. Sounds boring – it is. Many dogs like it when they have to “work” for their dog food or get part of the food by solving a task (food games) or being rewarded for the desired dog behavior. Every four-legged friend still has a part of their wild ancestors in their genes and thus the hunting behavior and the desire to participate actively in nutrition.

  1. Walk the dog – and do it properly

Of course (hopefully), every dog ​​owner knows that you have to walk your dog regularly and sufficiently often and for a long enough time. Walks are what most dogs look forward to most every day. You must include the walk time as dog time. Of course, you are allowed to have a short phone call, but basically, your four-legged friend should get your attention. If you constantly check the news on your smartphone, you don’t get everything on your dog’s mind. If you don’t see that the dog wants to sniff a little longer here or relieve itself and instead pulls the dog on, you are ignorant of the dog. A happy dog ​​runs together with its master or mistress during the walk instead of just next to each other.

  1. Tenderness is a balm for the soul

Indeed pet your dog many times a day. But how often do you consciously pet him without doing anything else? Your dog can tell when you’re not paying attention and can mean the difference between a pat and a loving caress. Tender physical contact is essential for your dog’s happiness and should neither be neglected nor neglected. If you stroke, hug or massage your dog, it releases the cuddle hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for social bonding and relaxation. Physical contact strengthens the bond between you and your dog over the long term.

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