Leonberger: What you have to look out for when purchasing

The Leonberger was created by crossing a Newfoundland bitch and a St. Bernard male. He is accordingly huge but has a gentle nature. If you want to buy a Leonberger, you should go to a reputable dog breeder.

It is best to look out for a Leonberger breeder who is a member of an official breeding club, for example, the German Club for Leonberger Dogs, e. V. (DCLH) is. This club belongs to the Association for the German Kennel Club (VDH) and selects the breeders according to strict criteria. There are comparable clubs in Switzerland (Swiss Leonberger Club) and Austria (Austrian Club for Leonberger dogs). So you can be relatively sure that you are buying a puppy that has been raised lovingly and in a species-appropriate manner.

The breed standard for Leonbergers
The international dog breed association FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) determines which criteria dog breeds have to meet. The Leonberger dog breed has been officially recognized since 1955, although Leonberger dogs have existed since 1846. The businessman and city councillor of Leonberg, Heinrich Essig, had mated a female Newfoundland dog and a male Saint Bernard. Later he crossed the Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées (Pyrenean Mountain Dog) into it. However, it would be more than 100 years before the big dogs were established as a separate breed and recognized as such.

Males are between 72 and 80 centimetres tall, bitches are slightly smaller at 65 to 75 centimetres but are still impressive. They have a long, medium-soft to coarse coat that is close-fitting and has a lush undercoat. Nevertheless, the physique remains recognizable. A light mane forms on the head so that the Leonberger is somewhat reminiscent of a lion. Apart from the dark facial mask, its fur is lion yellow, reddish to reddish-brown or sand-coloured. This dog is adorable, even-tempered, and child-friendly despite its stately appearance. It is suitable as a family dog ​​and companion dog, providing enough space. He loves to be close to his people and can usually be taken anywhere after loving, consistent dog training, such as the restaurant.

Only buy from reputable breeders.

You get papers officially recognized by the FCI and your home country’s breed association when you buy a Leonberger from a good breeder. This is where your puppy’s parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents are listed. This so-called pedigree is not used for prestige but to ensure that only healthy animals are allowed for breeding to reduce the risk of hereditary diseases.

Reputable breeders also raise their puppies with love, give them away after eight weeks at the earliest and do not want to enrich themselves with the animals. They care about the welfare of their dogs. Be sure to visit the breeder of your choice before buying a Leonberger and use your gut instincts. If you have the impression that something is wrong or that the dogs are not doing well, it is better to buy the puppy from another breeder.

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