Border Collie: important things for training

Training a Border Collie is something for people who know their way around dogs and are calm and patient. The unique character of the beautiful herding dog means that you have to pay a lot of attention to him.

Because Border Collie is a lightning-fast learner, owners must be clear about what they want from their dogs and how they will convey that to them. He notices incorrect behavior just as quickly as correct ones.
Gentle, consistent, and expert upbringing

Consistency is critical because an inconsistent master is a reason for the Border Collie to make his own decisions instead of leaving them to his owner. What also makes training difficult is the sensitivity of the beautiful dog. Anyone who yells at him is rude or unfair to him can lose him forever. Do you dare to treat your pet lovingly but consistently, even if things get more complex with him because he shows his “stubbornness”? Only then, and if you can provide the right attitude, should you consider letting a Border Collie live with you.

Distinctive features of this breed of dog

The Border Collie is an exceptionally clever, docile dog who does many tasks with flying colors and needs them. No wonder he consistently shows up successfully in canine sports like agility. If he is not challenged enough, he can become difficult.

Tasks for the head and those that allow him to let off steam are indispensable for him. Also, consider that the dog with the intense hunting and herding instinct has it in its blood to make its own decisions. It is tough to break the habit altogether. Integrating these unique behaviors into everyday life is a particular challenge.
Tips and tricks for training Border Collies

Please note the following if you want to train your Border Collie:

● If you get the Border Collie as a puppy, make the rules clear as to what they can and cannot do. He will surely push his limits, but don’t give in if he does something he’s not supposed to. If the puppy gets away with bad behavior more than once, it’s hard to break the habit.

● Once you have drummed the first commands into your Border Collie and tried them out while you go for a walk, do not react with criticism or scolding if the dog does not respond immediately. Instead, it does the opposite. Even if he only follows the instructions after repeated requests, shower him with praise.

● Because it was bred to be a herding dog, a Border Collie will never stop working on its own. Applied to you, this means that even after hours of playing, your dog would not think that it was enough. You have to weigh this up and decide when the dog is at the end of his strength. Exercise is essential, but teaching the Border Collie to be calm is also important.

● Try clicker training your border collie. A clicker is a small clicker frog that makes clicking noises to signal when a dog has done something right. This type of training is gaining more and more enthusiastic followers because it achieves quick results and requires the dog to think along with it. And if there’s one breed of dog that can and loves that, it’s the Border Collie.

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