Rhodesian Ridgeback: Dog sport for clever hounds

The Rhodesian Ridgeback, originally from Africa, used to hunt lions and is therefore extremely persistent. In addition to several hours of exercise, owners of this breed can also meet this urge to exercise with dog sports.

Basically, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is an absolute sports fan. But he also wants to be challenged mentally. So he can be a good companion when jogging or cycling but also enjoys various dog sports. The hounds reach a speed of 50 km/h. Endurance dog sports are very suitable, but also those in which obedience and skill are paramount. The important thing is that you do not commit yourself to one type of dog sport. It’s always possible that your Ridgeback doesn’t enjoy a certain sport despite his basic instincts. After all, every dog ​​is to be considered an individual.

Do not start dog sport with Rhodesian Ridgeback too early.

However, sports activities are only possible from the age of 18 months, as otherwise, the joints are stressed too early. Also, this breed is a late developer, so it’s not a good idea to start too early. Before you choose a dog sport, it is best to train your four-legged friend as a companion dog. Here he learns obedience and correct behavior. If you have considered the most important points, many dog ​​sports are suitable.

Agility – obstacle course for agile people

Agility is definitely a sport where your Rhodesian Ridgeback’s agility comes into its own. However, it should be clarified with the vet beforehand whether your four-legged friend is suitable for practicing this dog sport – due to the high jumps that are expected of him because large dog breeds, in particular, are prone to joint problems.

Dog Dancing – Dance with the Rhodesian Ridgeback

The dog sports Dog Dancing brings joy to many dog ​​lovers and four-legged friends. Brains and bodies are equally challenged in a fun way. Dog Dancing is suitable for all dog breeds and may also be fun for your Ridgeback. Even older four-legged friends who are no longer quite as fit can enjoy it and enjoy their old age.

Obedience – exercises with elegance.

Dog sport obedience is all about obedience and elegance. As with many sports, you can also compete with your Rhodesian Ridgeback. Exercises such as “sit,” “down,” retrieving, or “heel” walking are among others. The focus is on the harmony and elegance of the finishes. The team of dog and owner must work well together:

Reitbegeithhund – walking the horse.

When using it as a riding companion, it is important to ensure that you train your four-legged friend with a steady hand so that his hunting instinct does not get the better of him. However, the endurance and joy of movement of the large, active hound from Africa make him an excellent companion for a ride.

Man trailer training

During mantrailing training, your Rhodesian Ridgeback will specialize in finding people by smell. The four-legged friend has an extremely good nose. – Which also favors the next job opportunity.

tracking work

Not just a scent hound: Even if it is not officially classified as a hunting dog in Germany, the Rhodesian Ridgeback still has a talent for tracking. It is, therefore, quite possible that tracking work gives him extraordinary pleasure. During the training, your four-legged friend trains in different search tasks. Later, depending on the level of training, he can take several exams.

And that’s not all…

There are many other dog sports that your Rhodesian Ridgeback can do. Here it is simply a matter of trying it out and seeing what dog and owner enjoy. Other possible activities are tricks for dogs, flyball, dummy work, dog frisbee, or Treibball (“football” for four-legged friends).

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