The Boxer: Alert and affectionate in the family

Friendly, confident, alert, and affectionate are just a few of the many good qualities that define a Boxer. Even if it doesn’t look like it to many, the dog breed is the ideal family dog.

The Boxer looks impressive at first glance, but his character is considered calm, balanced and robust nerves – provided, of course, the dog training is proper.

Boxer: Ideal member of the family

While these dogs were often used for hunting and as guard or protection dogs in the past, they are now increasingly found in families. No wonder they are considered highly fond of children and cannot get enough of playing. In addition, boxers are generally easy to train and educate, as they quickly subordinate themselves and are very willing to learn. This good-natured dog has several reference persons from whom it can understand a family.

Easy to keep, the main thing is to exercise.

The Boxer makes very few demands on your own home and therefore gets along comparatively well even with smaller apartments. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a city apartment or a country house – you should only make sure that your four-legged friend gets enough exercise. Regular walks should therefore not be missed, as with other dog breeds.

Loyal and courageous character

His past as protection, companion and guard dog is still alive in the Boxer. Although rare, it is still used today as a service dog. Within the family, the four-legged friend acts as a protector when it comes down to it and is highly loyal and courageous. In this way, burglars, robbers and the like are put to flight if the house or loved ones are threatened. But it would help if you kept this waking instinct under control so your dog doesn’t attack anyone who comes near you.

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