Caution dog mafia: Do not buy dogs from unscrupulous breeders

It’s a cruel business at the expense of the dogs, which also seem to be thriving within the borders of Germany. The dog mafia sells bred animals in bulk with little effort for maximum profit. Ignorant dog buyers are lured with dubious bait offers.

The puppies born from mass breeding in dirty backyards usually have no prospects for a life free of suffering. They are smuggled to Germany under miserable conditions and sold to unsuspecting animal lovers.

Ware dog: This is how the dog mafia acts

The dogs are mainly “produced” in unrepentant backyards at top speed, often in Eastern Europe. The boundaries between “breeders” and dealers are often blurred here. A mother dog is a birthing machine; puppies are separated from their mother far too early and smuggled to Germany at a rushed pace via dubious channels – often in cramped boxes or bags and without sufficient food.

The so-called dog mafia then sells the animals from trunks to motorway service stations and comparable dubious trading places in this country. Customers are lured with low prices for pedigree dogs, which are usually unvaccinated, ill, and disturbed in the worst case. Papers on the family tree are mostly worthless or fake. Cheap offers in advertising papers and newspapers prettied up websites or eBay – buyers are lured in various ways with ridiculous prices for a dog.

Tips for buying a dog: Exclude dubious providers

In order not to unknowingly support the dog mafia, you should not even buy four-legged friends through classified ads or at animal markets (mainly in Poland or Belgium). Be sceptical about low prices for pedigree dogs. Tip: Before you buy, always ask whether the retailer belongs to a breeding association, and it is best to ask other questions about the animal, such as its parents. It would help if you were suspicious at the latest when you observe the dog and notice that it seems disturbed or particularly anxious. Never buy animals from shady trading posts like highway rest stops or parking lots.

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