Dog bandana: tips for fashion accessories

Admittedly, many fashionable accessories for animals are not necessary. However, in the eyes of many, a dog bandana is rightly trendy, as it simply looks chic, usually does not bother the dog, and can even protect against wind and weather.

The dog bandana itself is not a new invention; dogs with bandanas have been seen on the streets repeatedly for decades. Both small and large four-legged friends can wear the towels available in all variations. The important thing is that you don’t force anything on the dog, no matter its accessory.

Beautiful dog accessory with a comfort factor

Bandanas for dogs are particularly practical in winter, as they can protect against wind and cold, similar to a human scarf. This allows the garment to be both functional and chic at the same time. You can find dog bandanas in stores in all shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns. The materials range from classic cotton and easy-care microfibre to functional materials such as water-repellent neoprene. They are painted, embroidered, and provided with various applications.

Tip: Towels with the dog’s name on them are famous. You can also have your address or phone number embroidered if your dog gets lost and is found by strangers. Which dog bandana is the right one for your four-legged friend depends on your taste in terms of appearance – the dog doesn’t care about the color and design. On the other hand, comfort counts for the fur nose: the dog bandana must neither disturb nor impair your dog.

Buying and putting on a dog bandana: You should pay attention to this.

Ideally, a dog doesn’t even notice its dog bandana but simply looks suitable for those around it. Make sure that it is by no means too tight and does not otherwise impede his movement. It is essential that the cloth is not chemically treated and does not smell of perfume or fabric softener. This can be the case, for example, if you put a human scarf on your dog, i.e., a scarf that is actually made for people and is only converted for the dog. The dog’s sense of smell is compassionate and reacts sensitively to artificial scents.

The best way to get your dog used to his new dog accessory is to put the towel in the dog basket or dog bed for a few days to absorb its smell. If you find that your dog does not as the cloth and nothing changes even after a few test attempts, please do not put it on.

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