Dog Buying Checklist: What Does Your New Arrival Need?

The time has come! The dog purchase was successful, and a new roommate moved into your home. With the following checklist, you can check whether you have thought of everything to welcome your four-legged friend.

Ideally, go through this checklist before picking up the dog. The unfamiliar situation in its new environment is fascinating for the four-legged friend – so it’s good if everything is in its place right away. This saves you and the little guy a lot of stress.

Checklist for puppies and adult dogs

At the top of the checklist for buying dog transport boxes – which should be adapted to the size of the new addition – is a dog basket and bowls for water and food. It would help if you also had a supply of suitable food ready. Check with the breeder, previous owner, or animal shelter to find out the new family member’s favourite food and what diet is right for them.

You will also need an appropriately sized collar or harness, a tracking leash and, for puppies, a unique puppy leash. A brush or comb should not be missing, nor should suitable toys, treats, and doggie bags pick up your four-legged friend’s legacies.

What else is essential after buying a dog?

Also, remember that you have to register the furball for tax purposes after buying the dog. Furthermore, there may be additional specific legal requirements in your area of ​​residence – you should also find out about this in advance.

In addition, it makes sense to look out for a veterinarian nearby and make an initial appointment for a check-up. Then the dog can already get to know the practice without anything terrible happening. Register your darling in the pet register and take out dog liability insurance to be on the safe side.

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