Willow bark for dogs: application of the natural remedy

The willow bark has many valuable ingredients that can be used for natural remedies. Willow bark for dogs can be used for osteoarthritis and mild pain. Here you will find more about using the raw product for four-legged friends.

First of all, willow bark for dogs can be effective but not replace veterinary treatment. When your dog is in pain, the first step is to go to the vet. Depending on the individual case, you can talk to him about complementary therapy with willow bark for your dog.

What is willow bark for dogs used for?

The valuable ingredients of the willow bark can be found in various mixed preparations – for example, in the context of many natural remedies. Willow bark is mainly used to relieve pain and inflammation and can, for example, help to make the symptoms of chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis more bearable.

The active ingredient salicin is of primary importance here, but the interaction of other components also contributes to pain relief. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of scientific evidence for the effects of willow bark in many areas of application.

Willow bark for dogs: application

The dosage forms of willow bark or preparations that contain willow bark extract range from capsules to tablets and coated tablets to powder. Dogs seem to respond well to willow bark in the form of feed additives – unfortunately, there is no guarantee here. If necessary, your veterinarian will recommend a suitable preparation and decide which form of application is right for your furry friend.

Dosage and side effects of willow bark

Incorrect use of willow bark for dogs can, in rare cases, lead to side effects. If the preparations are overdosed, for example, or if there is an interaction with other medications, the following symptoms and damage can occur:

• rash
• Nausea
• Cramps
• stomach ulcers
• Internal bleeding
• kidney problems

It is extremely important that you only ever use willow bark on your dog after consulting your veterinarian. He will also inform you about the correct dosage for the corresponding preparation. Here, among other things, the size and weight of the four-legged friend are decisive.

Willow bark extract does not always harmonize with other medicines – sometimes, even dangerous side effects are expected. If your dog takes medication, your veterinarian must decide in the specific case whether the use of willow bark makes sense or is harmless.

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