Chinese crested dog: what is his character like?

Small dog, big heart: The Chinese Crested Dog has a great personality and never misses an opportunity to show that he is full of love. You can expect the following characteristics from the petite four-legged friend with an unusual hairstyle.

Anyone who is distracted by this dog’s – perhaps somewhat unusual – appearance will fall in love with him at the latest when he gets to know him properly. The kind-hearted little guy is affectionate, bright and always in a good mood.

Chinese Crested: Family pet and loyal friend

This loving four-legged friend would do anything for its owner and is in good hands with friendly dog ​​owners who care about the well-being of their little fur noses. Empathetic, he adapts to his favourite people and proves to them what a loyal little soul he is for a lifetime. Spending as much time as possible with his two-legged friends is a matter close to his heart.

If he is well brought up, socialized and treated appropriately and fairly, he can be relied on in every situation in life – malice is not part of his nature. He is also very fond of children. It should be self-evident that the great trust and good nature that this dog brings to people should never be exploited.

A playful, clever and lively character

Whether alone or with mum and dad: this dog has a lot of fun playing. He is always happy to be there when he is romping around and is a small, albeit easily controllable, whirlwind on walks. Anyone who wants to practice tricks or tricks with a special four-legged friend from China will quickly notice how quickly the clever little guy understands and enjoys it as long as he can only spend time with his owner.

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