Dog walk workout: Exercising with the dog

The obligatory dog ​​walk can easily be combined with sport and fun with a practical walkie workout. After all, your four-legged friend is also happy about a bit of variety in everyday life. Here’s how you both get the most out of this time together.

So much can be revealed in advance: Every dog ​​needs an individual walkie workout. After all, a German Spitz cannot cover the same distance as a husky, and there are also differences in endurance. First of all, you should find out what you and your four-legged friend can and want to do – after all, the whole thing should also be fun.

Walkie workout at different locations

The walkie workout does not have to take place every day. Pick between three and five days a week when you want to take your dog for some exercise—even if it’s just two laps around the block at a jogging pace. You both benefit from it not only physically but also mentally. However, it is more excellent and more effective if you go out into nature with your four-legged friend and make hilly terrain or a forest your destination. Dogs love variety, so feel free to choose many different places to exercise together.

This is how sport with the dog is fun.

Depending on your fitness level, you can go jogging or do the walkie workout at a brisk pace. So that you can catch your breath and your dog gets some variety, it is best to include a few search exercises in your walkie workout. It would help if you also varied your sporting outings together: decide on a long and a shorter route, sometimes go for a walk faster and sometimes slower.

Get fit together

But as so often, the same applies here: take your time! Both you and your dog must first get used to the new activities. Slowly increase the pace and begin with brisk walking. Later you can add a jogging part of around five minutes. This way, you and your dog can find a familiar rhythm.

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