Tips for a beautiful dog coat: treating dandruff

Treatment for dog dandruff varies depending on the cause of the skin problem. In a severe infestation, you should first consult a veterinarian to discuss the appropriate method with him.

Does your dog only have yellow scales, but apart from that, its fur looks healthy, and you can’t find any other symptoms of illness? Then you can try a little extra care first.

Brushing can help with mild dandruff.

The first thing to do for dogs with dandruff is brush, brush, brush. Please use a nice natural brush for this, for example, with wild boar bristles. It’s best to use gentle, massaging motions when brushing without applying too much pressure. Most dogs like that, and it also stimulates blood circulation in the skin – an essential prerequisite for their health. The care units also ensure that dead skin particles and loose hair are removed from the coat. The fur can then grow back healthily.

Improve indoor climate and nutritional supplements

But where do the scales come from? Especially in autumn and winter, air that is too dry in living spaces can be a cause. It leads to dry skin in dogs and thus to white scales in the fur. In this case, a simple room air humidifier is the first treatment. In addition to dry air, vitamin deficiencies, food allergies or too much grain in the food can also lead to dry skin and thus dandruff in dogs. To clarify this, it is advisable to go to the vet first. In consultation with him, you can then try a dietary supplement or a special feed that tackles the skin and hair problem from the inside with particular nutrients and minerals.

Treating Yellow Dandruff in Dogs

However, the scales in the fur of the beloved four-legged friend are not always white. Large yellow scales that are very firmly attached to the skin and hair are also found. They are caused by excessive sebum production and are much more difficult to remove than white skin flakes. If the vet finds no other causes, a special dog shampoo can be used as a treatment. The veterinarian can provide advice on which preparation is best for your dog.

(Heavy) dandruff in dogs? A visit to the vet is advisable.

Sometimes dandruff in dogs is also caused by illness. Parasites, skin fungi, allergies or metabolic diseases are often associated with dandruff and are a cause for the veterinarian. Depending on the cause, they will begin treatment with medication, fur care products, antiparasitic agents or a change in the feed so that the four-legged friend can get rid of his little fur problem as quickly as possible.

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